Hello. My name is Marc Robert Esses. MESSES for short. This is my official music page where I will post all of my music news, videos, recordings, tour dates, photos, etc...


My name is Marc Robert Esses, MESSES for short. I am a drummer/singer/DJ. I'm play drums for the bands/artists "For The Fallen Dreams" and "GOLDHOUSE". I just recently resurrected my old band "Flowers For Dorian". I'm also a part of Drum/DJ duo "BROOZEWAYNE", Drum/DJ Duo "Marc Esses and Danny Vintage", Acoustic Rock duo "SUIT UP!" and drummer/backup singer for a piano rock duo "The Odd Couple". I also DJ on my own under the name "MESSES". I have played drums for the bands "Breathe Electric", "Dr. Manhattan", "Ivory Wave", ETC... I'm 32 years old and I have been playing drums for over 20 years. I was born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago. My dream is to play music until I'm dead. So I will try to make that dream a reality. <3

Newest Happenings!

Lots of awesome things coming up. Drum/DJ shows with Marc Esses & Danny Vintage and BROOZEWAYNE coming up, lots more Suit Up!, and MESSES (which is just me, sorry for speaking in the 3rd person) will be DJing a lot in the near future.

Stoked to announce that I have a bunch of shows coming up with the unbelievably talented Brian Harris drumming for the Billy Joel (Simply Billy) and Elton John (Simply Billy) tribute bands! 

Flowers For Dorian is writing like crazy and we're basically in the final stages of writing our newest album, which will be our comeback album after 10 years of not being a band. We will be releasing our first single off of the new album with a video to go with it around late June / Early July. The new album, which I will be revealing the title of shortly, is slated for a fall release but is TBD at the moment. We're very excited about the new music and James couldn't have said it better... "Sorry for all the Flowers For Dorian posts lately but I really couldn't be happier with the music that we have been writing over these last few months. We have been having such a good time hanging and writing music together again and I think that is really coming through in these new songs. What makes it even better is that so many of you are looking forward to hearing them even after we've been gone for the last 10 years. We definitely appreciate all the love!" I'll keep you posted on all things Flowers For Dorian!

For The Fallen Dreams is keeping busy as well! We have a 10 day tour coming up at the end of May and then will be in Europe for most of August. Check the show dates to keep up on where we will be playing!

Check out the new For The Fallen Dreams video "Unstoppable" out now!! It currently has over 9 MILLION VIEWS on youtube which is CRAZY! If you haven't seen the video for "Stone", check that out as well!! "Six" dropped via Rise Records on February 16th, 2018!  Go check out the new album and watch the new video's below!!

Download and/or stream the new FTFD ablum here!

Download and/or stream the new FTFD ablum here!

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