My name is Marc Robert Esses, MESSES for short. I am a drummer/singer/DJ. I'm currently the live drummer for the bands/artists "For The Fallen Dreams" and "GOLDHOUSE". I'm also a part of Drum/DJ duo "BROOZEWAYNE", Drum/DJ Duo "Marc Esses and Danny Vintage", Acoustic Rock duo "SUIT UP!" and drummer/backup singer for a piano rock duo "The Odd Couple". I also DJ on my own under the name "MESSES". I have played drums for the bands "Flowers For Dorian", "Breathe Electric", "Dr. Manhattan", ETC... I'm 31 years old and I have been playing drums for over 19 years. I was born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago. My dream is to play music until I'm dead. So I will try to make that dream a reality. <3

Current and Past Projects:

For The Fallen Dreams
Marc Esses and Danny Vintage
Suit Up!
The Odd Couple
Flowers For Dorian
Dr. Manahattan
Breathe Electric
Ivory Wave
Beneath This Ashen Sky
Carthage Hope